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“If we want “Innovation” to flourish in our schools we have to be willing to immerse ourselves in the environments where its going to happen.”

George Couros, “The Innovators Mindset”, 2015


I am working on my teaching certification and wrapping up m last semester. I start student teaching in Spring, 2023. Some of the best things I have learned are the following:

  • Develop a Mantra

By definition a mantra originated through Hinduism and Buddhism. It is a word or phrase that is repeated to help guide the meditation.


  • Develop a new mindset and way of thinking

Alternative methods of teaching, giving students room for their own improvement, developing a philosophy behind my techniques of teaching.


  • Take Risks

The answers lie within the questions. Allow students to learn, grow and trust the process.


  • How Innovation is a forward way of thinking

Embrace the challenges, take it as an opportunity to grow and develop alternative ways to teach. To be able to create something new and better.



  • FORWARD>>>>

As I move forward and closer to my goal of becoming an educator I wish to continue to develop my own strategies in teaching, meet students needs / goals and continue to innovate and inspire my students. I also plan to fully immerse myself and my teaching ethnics into the school environment.

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